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Unit Choices

Choices at Cubes to suit your needs and budget

  1. Sizes - over 10 different sizes from very small closets to garage sized units. Only rent what you need and save.
  2. Extra high ceilings in the units allow you to stack your things and rent a smaller size than you would at our competitors. Save money at Cubes.
  3. At Cubes you always load & unload out of the weather
  4. Lights in hallways and in larger units so you can see your contents anytime of the day
  5. We are clean. From our landscaping and driveways to our hallways, it’s Disneyland clean! We take care of our place so you have the best place for your stored things.
  6. Drive up units are good if you need frequent, handy access to your belongings or if you have lots of large and bulky items. You can park your car or truck directly in front of a drive up unit.
  7. Inside units are inside of our building protected from the effects of weather. They can be either standard units or heated and cooled for maximum protection. Hallway units are always accessible through oversized elevators or doors making access easy.
  8. Heated and cooled units should be considered as they keep furniture, clothes, art, electronic items, business inventory and documents well protected just as they are in your home or business.